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 Regles anglais

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Citation :
Fighting with a stick (each village may have 2 players)
Every village of a participating Duchy will be able to send 2 fighters who will represent the village at the Grand Festival of the Crown

One against one, for instance:
The city of Compiègne against the city of Avranches.
The winner of the contest will be the one who will have obtained the most points with 3 blows.
The contestants will wear a protecting gear in order not to be wounded.
The rules are based on the same model as for the jousts.

The organizers will chose series of three numbers between 0 and 9 before each combat phase.
Each participant will give his own series of three numbers between 0 and 9 to the umpire.
The sum of the two series will then be made allowing to know the result on the location table and also the number of points scored.

Location table:

0 - The opponent as been smashed to the ground and the stick has been broken! = 4 points.
1 - The blow has missed its target.
2 - The opponent has been hit in the stomach, the stick is intact = 2 points.
3 - Miss !!!
4 - The arm of the opponent has been hit, the stick is intact = 1 point.
5 - The legs of the opponent has been hit, the stick has been broken = 2 points.
6 - Slightly touched!!
7 - The head of the opponent has been hit, the stick has been broken = 3 points.
8 - Tired?!
9 - The opponent as been smashed to the ground, the stick is intact = 3 points.

The points should be sent to Adrienne

Citation :
Citation :
Throwing the axes (3 players per village)

This event is generally considered to be a team event, each team having 3 players per village.

The player who throws is confronted to the distance to the target and must decide if he wishes to make a long throw or a short one. He is also confronted to the power of the throw he wants to make and, according to the target he aims for, if he wants to make a powerfull throw or a more subtle one.

A value has been given to Distance and Power. So you have to choose a distance (D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9, D10) and a Power (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10)

The values for D1 to D10 are the following ones: 10; 20; 30; 40; 50; 60; 70; 80; 90; 100
The same values have been allocated to P1 to P10.

At the beginning of his first throw, each player must send his serie of numbers.
After that, the umpires will randomly allocate a value to the software. (We cannot collect thousands of data’s)
The throws will be asked in the final phase.
First player of MUNICH
1st throw = D4 / P7
2nd throw = D10 / P1
3rd throw = D8 / P2

Example and explanations:
D4 is good for 50 points and P7 = 20 points ----- ---------------TOTAL 1st throw = 70
D10 and P1 are respectively good for 20 and 70 points --------TOTAL 2nd throw = 90
D8 et P2 are respectively good for 100 and 10 points --------TOTAL 3rd throw = 110
This first player has gathered a total of 270 points for his village. I’ll do the same for the second player and the last one.

For the teams counting two players, only one supplementary throw is allowed.
If there is only one player, he is granted two more throws.
So: 9 throws for a team of 3 players; 7 throws for a team of 2 players and 5 throws for one player.

The format for the values has sent:

Name/Town/Duchy: Du/Pv Dw/Px Dy/Pz

(u, v, w, x, y, z= value from de 1 to 10)

To Argael and xyphos

Citation :
Citation :
Archery contest: (2 players per village)

Oyez, Oyez, ye Bowmen!

Each village has the opportunity to present two of its finest archers!

Once again, the festivities of the fifth Grand Festival of the Crown will allow our finest archers to confront their skills!

Regles anglais Cible

Here are the rules that will be used for this new edition:


Large groups will be constituted in order to allow the best archers of each group to qualify for the final!

Each archer will appear on the archery field and will shoot ONE series of SIX arrows.
Each player will then have three attempts to prove his skills and to qualify for the second round.

The rest of the tournament consists of a series of duels (one against one).
During each duel, each of the archers will be allowed to shoot One series of SIX arrows.
This playing mode will continue until the final.


The members of the jury for this tournament are Nynaeve 87 and Argael.
During this tournament, only the members of the jury will be considered competent to judge the results and to take a decision if a dispute should arise. Urbs will decide in last request

The archery list can be found here


You will have to use the ‘Tournament’ mode.
Each archer will have to give 1 result per round and present the target of his SIXTH arrow, or else the result will not be validated.

How to post an image:
1- Push PrtSc or Impr écran (upper right of the keyboard)
2- Open Paint or any other drawing or picture software
3- Select "Paste"
4- Save the file
5- www.imageshack.us
6- Save the file (must not be more than 1 024ko)
7- Copy the link and put on the subjet as shown… do not forget the beacons Regles anglais  et

Citation :
Citation :
The duel with the sword (2 players per province)

Playing mode:
The duel will go as follows.
RP: Each duellist will be wearing heavy armour and will join the lice where he will be given a blunt two handed sword. He will not have a shield to protect himself. Each on turn, the duellists will attack their opponent and try to hit him. When each player has made three attacks, the player who will have shown the greatest fighting spirit will be declared winner.
HRP: before each fight, the umpire will randomly choose a series of 3 numbers between 0 and 9. Each player will give his own series of 3 numbers from 0 à 9 to the umpire.
The sum of the two series (umpire +duellist) will then give the final score which will be compared to the location table in order to know the result and the number of points scored. The winner of the contest will be the player who has scored the greatest number of points.

Location table:
0 - The head of the opponent has been hit, he falls to the ground = 4 points.
1 - Missed by a mile.
2 - The opponent has endured a hit to the stomach = 2 points.
3 - Missed !!!
4 - The opponent has endured a hit to the arm = 1 point.
5 - Slightly hit, blow does not count.
6 - The hit has been countered
7 - The opponent has endured a hit to the legs = 2 points.
8 - Tired?!
9 - The head of the opponent has been hit = 3 points.

Exemple :
Knight "Blackadder" mentions the following series: 2, 5 and 9.
The series of the umpire is: 0, 8, 6.
Thus, the final serial is: 2 (2+0), 4 (5+8=13=1+3=4) and 6 (9+6=15=1+5=6).
In our example, Knight "Blackadder" has hit his opponent to the stomach (2 pts), then to the arme (1 pt) and has finally missed him on his final attempts. He gathers a total of Il marque au total 3 points. Can do better...

The numbers should be sent to Ceseargl and Victoire Loo Oriane

Citation :
Citation :
The Joust Tournament of the Grand Festival of the Crown (5 jousters+ 1 substitute/province)

« Never mind the Victory, as long as the spectacle shown is a beautiful one!! »

Oyez, Oyez

Noble Damsels and Ladies, Valiant Courageous Sirs of all Provinces,

Just like during the precedent editions, you will be given the opportunity to defend the colours of ye Province during this present Grand Festival of the Crown


In order to participate to the joust, you must be a Noble person recorded on the lists of the Heraldry or be a member of a known Chivalry Order.

To valid their inscription, a jouster will have to transmit his Coat of Arms and his references [characteristics] to the umpire who report the event.
The jousters defending the colours of a Lady are invited to signal the fact upon their registration form if they wish this fact to be known

Each participating duchy will be represented by a team of 5 jousters and by one substitute. Indeed, a jouster might be hurt during this event and every injury must be taken into account.
The way the Duchys and the Counties choose their team members is entirely free.

The umpire storyteller for this event is My Lord Morkar


The gameplay of the joust is very simple: Two knights on a horse, separated by a barrier (lice), are riding towards each other in an attempt to dismount their opponent.
During the joust, the aim was not to kill the opponent, but merely to break and crush a lance against him in order to make him fall of his horse. To make it easier, the lances used during the tournament were very breakable and were made of fir wood instead of ash wood... Nevertheless, each broken lance can be the cause of a more or less severe injury.
Three lances were used during each run, which means that a jouster will have to face his opponent three times in a row in order to determine the winner.

The winner of the run is the jouster who will be the first to dismount his opponent
In the case of simultaneous falls, the number of broken lances will be taken into account in order to determine the winner. In case of a draw, the jousters will have to face themselves one mort time.
In the end, if no fall allows us to separate the jousters, the winner or the draw will be determined by the number of broken lances.

As it is a team event, the winning team will be determined after the third run of the joust in progress.
First of all, if every run has designated a winner, the team who has got the most victories will be declared the winning team.
In case of a draw, the number of broken lances will be taken into account.
In case of a new draw, the last jousters who made the run will meet again and again till a winner has been designated.
Every team should wisely determine the order of appearance of the jousters…

Will receive a price:
- The team who will win the final Grand Joust will receive the Trophy of the Grand Festival
- The best jousters (those who will have dismounted many opponents) and also the most skilful ones (most broken lances).
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Regles anglais
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